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Would you like to take your cycling to the next level ? To become a faster cyclist and maximize your improvements ? The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is the only cycling camp to provide daily coaching sessions, with post ride analysis, followed by workshops covering all the aspects of training: how to build a training plan, nutrition, training & racing with a power meter, recovery, and more. You will not leave Mallorca with just kilometers under your belt and great memories, but also with the keys to achieve your goals.


FTP Test (optional) The FTP Test is free but not mandatory. It just gives us a better idea of how to coach you during the camp. But if you don't want to do it, you don't have to!

“If you don’t measure it, you can't improve it“! That’s what we'll do at the beginning of your training camp with an FTP Ramp Test to assess your power training zones for the week to come.

Personal goals

Every morning at the briefing each rider will receive personal goals for the ride to come based on number of climbs, their abilities, and level of fatigue to avoid over-training.

Post ride analysis

After each ride, we will analyze your data (Power & Heart Rate) so you can understand your performance, your weaknesses, and identify what aspects you should focus on to progress.

Coaching Workshops

Building a training plan, training & racing with a power meter, fuelling properly, recovering faster, we will go through all the aspects of training to help you maximize your improvements and achieve your goals.

What's the program of the coaching sessions?

The workshops will have a different subject each day, adapted to the knowledge of the riders. Here is a non exhaustive list of the subjects we will discuss:


  1. What is Power?
  2. Functional Threshold Power (FTP)
  3. Training with a Power Meter
  4. Nutrition & Hydration
  5. How to become a faster climber?
  6. Structured Training Plan

To get further

  1. Food Supplements
  2. Racing with a Power Meter
  3. Recovering Faster
  4. Racing Weight
  5. TrainerRoad
  6. Training Peaks


Our promise is simple: offer you real meals for the real athlete that you are. Do you want to see in detail what we will prepare for you? Consult our page dedicated to nutrition.

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FTP Test

“If you don’t measure it, you can't improve it“! That’s what you'll do at the beginning of your training camp… Just like the pros!

About Aurélien

Founder of the Sa Calobra Cycling Club, Aurélien is also the Ride Captain of the Team. Having played soccer since he was a child, he only just discovered cycling in 2014. Thanks to his hard work and high natural capacities, he became a very competitive cyclist in just a few years, racing at an Elite level in France and now in Spain. In just four years, his FTP jumped from 280w (3.6w/kg) up to more than 370w (5.4w/kg), allowing him to win multiple races and Gran Fondos. Second at the Mallorca 312 in 2021, Vice Champion of the Balearic Islands and Vice Champion of Spain in 2020, he is also a very good climber. With a time of 26'25, he has set the 15th fastest time ever on Sa Calobra segment! As his racing progressed, other athletes started to seek his advice, pushing him to get coaching certifications and to create his own cycling training camp : the Sa Calobra Cycling Club was born. As an expert of Cycling with Power, he will help you to optimise your performance and make you a faster cyclist.

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