What's Sa Calobra?

Sa Calobra

Spectacular, fascinating, unique, the Coll dels Reis - better known as Sa Calobra - is a must for any avid cyclist. Nestled in the heart of the Tramuntana mountains, on the north coast of the island, and classified as a "natural monument" by the Balearic Government, Sa Calobra is the ultimate climb, bringing together all the ingredients that make an ascent legendary.

A road that winds through the mountains with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Sun, of course. A steady gradient, not too steep, but not too easy. It is a succession of hairpins to finish on an incredible “spiral bridge” and a few goats. Sa Calobra is an architectural masterpiece, a legend, a reference in the cycling world, without having ever been on the program of a major race.

Because Sa Calobra is one of a kind, overlooking a cove - Cala Sa Calobra - it is a dead end road, making it impossible for a peloton to pass. Even the Vuelta España has never ventured there. Once at the bottom, you will have no choice but to climb in the opposite direction. 9.9km of pleasure, emotions, attacks & recovers, sometimes doubts, but always the same satisfaction when you cross the summit with the Sa Calobra Cycling Club jersey.

Like the more than 89,000 cyclists before you, you will be able to compete against the greatest, from Sebastian Henao, holder of the KOM in 24'52, to Egan Bernal, also the Yates brothers, and of course, Sir Bradley Wiggins, whose legend says that he would be the real King of THE Mountain, with a stratospheric time of 22'30, a few weeks before his victory on the Tour. But you know what they say, if it's not on Strava…

What about you? Will you take up the Challenge of Sa Calobra?

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We’ve all seen those epic photos and videos of pro riders climbing with breathtaking mountain views. That's what you will get - free of charge - at the end of your training camp. Our team will capture all those moments for you with 4K cameras and very cinematic drone shots, edited with great soundtracks that will make all your friends jealous!

Sa Calobra KOM Challenge

This is one of the highlights of our cycling camps. Every Friday, we organize our own Handicap Hill Climb Time Trial on Sa Calobra! One of the most epic climbs in Europe, ten riders, the same chances at the start, but only one winner at the top…


Based on your performances the first few days and your FTP test results, we will estimate the time you need to climb Sa Calobra (10km at 7%).


The fastest riders will start the ascent with a handicap of time, so we will all have the same chance to reach the top in first position.


Each rider will tackle the ascent, trying to catch the ones who started before and resisting the ones who started after them.


The winner will not necessarily be the one getting the best time on scratch, but the one pushing his limits further than others!

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