“I am proud to wear the sleek black SCCC kit”

Let's give a voice to those who know us best : the riders! The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is a team, your team! Today, an interview with Dave, who talks about his experience at the Sa Calobra Cycling Club.

When did you start cycling?
Dave Carter
: My cycling journey started in 2018. I'd been road running for a number of years, which had started to put excessive strain on my body, so I made the switch to cycling in the hope of fewer injuries, whilst maintaining a reasonable level of fitness.

Where did you find the Sa Calobra Cycling Club?
After about a year of casual cycling around the South Dublin / Wicklow area where I live in Ireland, I signed up to a couple of training camps, first in Girona, then Tenerife. These camps gave me a taste for fabulous cycling destinations, where you could really challenge yourself, and where it wasn't guaranteed to rain like home!
I found Sa Calobra Cycling Club through general web search when looking into my next cycling break, attending for the first time in September 2021.

You have been here three times already. What makes you come back?
Aurelien has created a unique experience. Everything from start to finish is superb. I've been lucky enough to join a great group of cyclists on each occasion. The daily rides take in some of Mallorca's most exhilarating scenery, including the iconic Col del Reis / Sa Calobra climb. Your bike is built exactly to your required specifications, and every rider is so well looked after on the road - electrolytes and nutrition, photographs, and fixing any mechanicals. Your kit is provided and washed every day. Then there's the handicapped time trial with podium ceremony, the post-ride protein shake, the daily massages and access to recovery compression boots, the evening workshops and data-driven approach to the week, and the food. Oh the food! So healthy and tasty! Hospitality is super - comfortable villa in a prime location, the communal eating experience makes bonding with teammates so easy. It's a challenging week, but one which you will definitely come away as a stronger rider. I am proud to wear the sleek black SCCC kit.

Do you prepare specially for the camp?
Although I've not specifically trained for the camp, I've taken part in the Mallorca 312 the last two years, which is held End April, and so put in significant training leading up to that. My training has tapered off since then, but I'm hoping I've built up enough of an aerobic base to perform well and enjoy the week.

??How do you feel about this Alps camp?
Excited. I've never cycled in the Alps, nor anywhere in France before, so it's going to be a new and challenging experience. Bring it on!

What will be your next cycling challenge after this camp?
Undecided, possibly L'Etape or Stelvio.