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Founder of the Sa Calobra Cycling Club, Aurélien is also the Ride Captain of the Team. Having played soccer since he was a child, he only just discovered cycling in 2014. Thanks to his hard work and high natural capacities, he became a very competitive cyclist in just a few years, racing at an Elite level in France and now in Spain. In just four years, his FTP jumped from 280w (3.6w/kg) up to more than 370w (5.4w/kg), allowing him to win multiple races and Gran Fondos. Second at the Mallorca 312 in 2021, Vice Champion of the Balearic Islands and Vice Champion of Spain in 2020, he is also a very good climber. With a time of 26'25, he has set the 15th fastest time ever on Sa Calobra segment! As his racing progressed, other athletes started to seek his advice, pushing him to get coaching certifications and to create his own cycling training camp : the Sa Calobra Cycling Club was born. As an expert of Cycling with Power, he will help you to optimise your performance and make you a faster cyclist.

What inspired you to create Sa Calobra Cycling Club?
Aurelien Hornuss
: I had the chance to participate in many bike camps and multi-stage events in the French Alps, Gran Canaria, Calpe and Girona, but I was always disappointed at the end. Whether it was the routes, the food, the ambiance, or just the general experience, there was always something wrong or missing. I expected more! I wanted to feel like a rider of the Tour de France. So I came up with the idea of creating the cycling camp I always dreamed about. It would be an opportunity to live the life of a pro cyclist, from A to Z. And that is how the Sa Calobra Cycling Club was born!

Is it for every rider?
Of course! Some people feel guilty being treated like pros while being amateurs. I don't get that. You don’t have to be a fish to enjoy water!

Why did you choose Mallorca?
I first came to Mallorca in 2017, when a friend living in Sóller invited me to ride for a week. I immediately saw the potential. With the amazing weather, smooth roads, epic climbs, affordable bike shops with great bikes to hire, all the ingredients were there. It was also good to see so many cyclists on the road. When you create a business like this, it’s easier to pick a place that is already a top cycling destination. With 35,000 cyclists coming each year, I wasn’t taking such a big risk.

Can you tell us what makes Sa Calobra Cycling Club different from others?
Everything! While most of our competitors just provide accommodation and guided rides, we give you the whole package. Daily massages, coaching, a team car, mechanical support, sports nutrition, cycling kits, and power meters. We try to offer everything a pro would expect during his training camp. We also care a lot about the team experience. The social aspect, being part of a team, on and off the bike, is something that really matters to us.

How do you manage to create this team spirit?
It’s pretty easy actually. Even if we all come from different places, have different backgrounds or different levels, we all end up wearing the same jersey when we get there. We are all Sa Calobra Cycling Club. We also experience the same difficulties on the bike, no matter how strong we are, and motivate each other. As Greg Lemond used to say “it never gets easier, you just go faster”.

Does living together make a difference?
Yes! Despite other camps, where everybody disappears into his/her room after the rides, here we all share meals, coffees and beers, play games and watch races. It makes a huge difference. There is a super friendly atmosphere between all participants, riders and staff alike. I remember wandering alone in the empty streets of Girona after the rides during a training camp and seeking junk food. That was pretty depressing.

On Sundays, you cook for the entire team for the Captain’s dinner. What is your specialty?
Ha, ha, ha, you will see. That’s a surprise…

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