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The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is more than a training camp. We want it to be a ‘club’ for people like us who love cycling. People coming from all over the world to share their passion for cycling with teammates, motivating each other to push their limits even further, and experience a real team spirit. The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is a team, their team!






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Thomas, United Kingdom

3 days ago

« If you are looking to improve your cycling fitness and knowledge, and pushed everyday, this is the perfect camp. Everything from the food to the cycling was absolutely perfect. Aurelien’s passion for cycling and helping others achieve their goals is evident to see. The attention to detail he shows in the ride analysis and lectures is absolutely spot on and you leave the camp with 10 new friends and the feeling of being apart of a special club. I recommend this camp so much I’ve already booked again for next year. »

Marcelo, Brazil

4 days ago

« If you are passionate about cycling and dream of living for a week like a pro, in a wonderful place, surrounded by breathtaking landscapes (and climbs too ha ha ha), I recommend you to live this once in your life!! One of the most amazing experiences I've had in my life! »

Karen, United States

2 weeks ago

« Challenging is an understatement - this camp is on a league of its own. I was 3 days post covid attending this camp and decided to go through with it because that’s how top notch it is. But by no means did I have an “easy” route! I did not miss out on the highlights and still managed to do all the iconic climbs thanks to Aurelien and Paul’s flexibility about tailoring the stages for me without compromising the challenge. A must do, and if given the opportunity, a must repeat.

If you’re looking to improve your altitude, cycling skills and mental strength while on the bike, this is it. The overall improvement in your lifestyle will organically follow. »

Rachel, Canada

2 weeks ago

« Don't hesitate, book now! The best cycling holiday I've ever been on! Mallorca is stunning, but what really makes this incredible is the energy, commitment, and work that Aurélien and his team put into making this camp an amazing experience for everyone. The daily routes, the bikes, the massages, the food, the photos, and the whole experience are second to none. »

Nadia, United Kingdom

2 weeks ago

« This is not for the fainthearted. A serious training camp that makes you feel like a pro in every respect. Forging your physical power, mental strength, efficiency, giving you professional look and feel: you name it and it is already on offer from Aurelien. It was only when I crossed the border between “I am going to die if I push any harder” and “I did it, I cannot believe it!”, I realised how effective Aurelien's approach is. I can carry on talking about the gorgeous food, the massages and the incredible amount of the knowhow that the camp gives you as perks, but so many reviews are about that already, I will merely be repeating them ad nauseum. For me this was first and foremost an opportunity to learn how to believe in myself. At the pinnacle of my achievement at the end of the camp, I was on top of the world both physically and mentally. Coming back for a second dose next year! »

Alina, United Kingdom

2 weeks ago

« A true cycling training camp where you are treated like a Pro in every respect: Diet, Riding, Recovery the lot!

I’ve learnt so much and pushed myself and my cycling harder than ever before in an environment which has been carefully created and finessed by Aurelien and his fantastic team to make you hit your goals. It’s not easy but the achievement you feel on top of every climb is so worth it… a word of warning though, the power and stats are truly addictive and will revolutionise your riding.

An amazing experience and already booked for next year! »

Kat, New Zealand

2 weeks ago

« If you're looking for a week of social rides, this is not the camp for you. But if you're after a taste of the pro cyclist life, then this is most definitely the right place. Learning to ride with power, lots of climbing, team support car, daily massages, nutrition, workshops and data analysis, along with working as a team make this an enjoyable challenging experience. Aurélien and his support crew are phenomenal! The insights you'll gain into yourself and your cycling are worth every Euro. »

Bianca, Dominican Republic

2 weeks ago

« Right, so if you are looking for a leisurely week in Mallorca, this probably isn't your camp :)

However, if you are looking to completely elevate your cycling, eat like an athlete and be immersed in a 'pro' experience, then there isn't anything better. I haven't done anything like this before!

Everything is taken care of. Aurelien and the team just go ABOVE AND BEYOND to cater for everyone. I am a triathlete and well trained, but still was concerned if I was going to complete the challenging 500+ kms with over 7000m elevation. But between the nutrition, daily massages and following Aurelien's expert advice about how to tackle each climb and at what intensity, every day was completed. Every day I felt quite accomplished, got stronger as the days went on, and even won the handicap TT hill climb, using all that I have learned!

Best review I can leave: already booked for next year. Merci :) »

Alex, United States

4 weeks ago

« Unforgettable cycling experiences, and I want to go back. SCCC is not any typical cycling travel program you may see in a web search. This cycling camp (or SCCC) does what it says exactly. It will let you experience how the pro-cyclists do during the tour. It is intense, demanding, and focused. If you are looking for a sightseeing and relaxing cycling tour, I don’t think this program will fit you well.

On the other hand, if you are looking to challenge yourself, put yourself to the next level, and experience what real cycling is… look no further. Aurelien is here for you (SCCC’s team captain). What SCCC could offer was more than I expected. I felt the SCCC reignited my passion and leveled up my cycling expectation of myself.

Here are what the typical day looks like: Usually Starts 8 AM —> Breakfast-> Out Riding -> Back to Camp Base for lunch (mid-afternoon) -> Massage -> Dinner -> Post dinner briefing & Next Day riding -> Bedtime. This routine will be repeated 6 times. I have not felt bored at all.

You will make friends from day one, and I am sure it will form a good friendship as the day goes by because you will all share the work. Enough talking…
Sign up and let SCCC open your horizon. You will feel Aurelien’s passion for cycling in no time, and the rest of the supporting staff were so lovely. »

Ness, United States

4 weeks ago

« I joined the Sa Calobra Cycling Club to become a stronger rider this year. I had no idea that I would leave the camp with so much more. More than great rides, spectacular routes, excellent meals, and restorative daily massages. More than the knowledge gained from evening briefings about training, power metrics, and nutrition. I left inspired by my teammates and especially my team manager Aurelien and his staff, who are totally dedicated to sharing their passion and knowledge about high performance cycling. SCCC is a ride camp like no other. »

Sophie, Ireland

A month ago

« I cannot recommend Sa Calobra Cycling Camp enough. I arrived at the camp as a beginner but by the end I felt like a confident and competent cyclist thanks to Aurélien, Paul and the other team riders who were so welcoming and helpful throughout the week. The camp has everything and more you could want for a great week of training - perfect organisation, routes, post-ride analyses, coaching workshops, massages, food - the attention to detail is really amazing. Overall it was an unforgettable experience and I am already looking forward to coming back next year! »

Wai-Lyn, Canada

A month ago

« Incredible experience. The attention to every detail made the week in Mallorca a dream from arrival at the airport to final departure. Beautiful rides every day and quiet roads (February being the cooler off-season). The food, accommodations, massages, and coaching were all tops. Every rider was challenged and Aurélien encouraged us to push our limits while having a great time with a lovely group of like-minded cyclists. Uli, Amy and Stan, Paul and Aurélien - you made the week perfect and I will be back again! »

Sera, United States

A month ago

« What an incredible experience. Aurélien, Paul, and team took really great care of us, briefing us each day, guiding us on how to fuel and pace, being thoughtful about our individual needs and concerns, and making sure we recovered well for each effort. I finished strong and true to their word, went home feeling great. But more importantly, I had a ton of fun with a great group of like-minded people. Truly a welcoming, encouraging environment. »

Paul, Ireland

A month ago

« An amazing week. Really structured coaching with smart advice around how to tackle each climb. I learned a whole lot about every aspect of cycling not to mention being very well looked after off the bike each day. A really memorable week in great company and I'm already planning the next Sa Calobra CC week. »

Jérémie, France

A month ago

« When I was looking for a cycling camp, I was a little bit afraid of being disappointed. When I came across the Sa Calobra Cycling Club website, the offer was attractive and I signed up. I admit that this week supervised by a team of enthusiastic and infinitely devoted people, did not disappoint me at all. Whether on the sporting level, the quality of the rides, but also and above all by the extras. All these little details that make your life easier and make these moments both pleasant and sometimes intense. Thanks to Aurelien and his staff. Really this camp will remain a very good memory for me and I am already thinking of going back for a full gas edition. Don't change anything! »

Colin, United Kingdom

A month ago

« Really appreciated the attention to detail from the Sa Calobra Cycling Club team which made this feel like living the life of a bike pro for the week. Mallorca, scenery and routes all wonderful in spite of mixed February weather. Healthy food prepared by our in house chef was great and really enjoyed the vibe in the house and the coaching each evening. First time outside with a power meter and with electronic shifting both of which were surprisingly useful. Approach to fuelling on the bike was biggest learn of the week. »

Benjamin, United Kingdom

A month ago

« Incredible week. Great rides, company and food. Many thanks to Aurélien, Paul, Uli and others for your hard work making the camp truly memorable. If you want a camp to challenge yourself, look no further than SCCC. »

Jason, China

A month ago

« I joined Sa Calobra Cycling Club training camp for the week of 4th, February. Definitely, the best cycling trip I have ever done. Enjoyed every second of it. Have already booked another trip for later of this year.

For me, not only the great routes, the pro team experience, fantastic support and photos taken by Paul, I’m deeply impressed by Aurelien’s in depth knowledge and passion for cycling. His post ride analyses and coaching sessions of cycling are instrumentally helpful.

It’s just the best week of my cycling. Cannot wait to join the camp again later this year.

Jean-Samuel, Belgium

A month ago

« The best cycling experience you could imagine! The organization is excellent, everything is done so that you can slip into the shoes of a pro for a (too short) week. Thanks to Aurélien, Paul, Uli and all the team, it's extraordinary to see so much passion driving them! See you next year ! »

Dalton, Canada

2 months ago

« I'm still speechless. Mallorca was everything I could have asked for and more. Special thanks to the Sa Calobra Cycling Club for the incredible support and to Paul for the pictures! Now it’s time to recover and vacay before we utilize all the learnings from the week! »

Benoit, France

2 months ago

« Incredible experience! Whether you are an ex-pro or totally new to cycling, you'll have an amazing week filled with beautiful rides, delicious food, massages and coaching. I learnt a lot about myself and the team spirit really helps to push your limits. »

Vivien, France

2 months ago

« What an incredible experience! Aurélien has set up a luxury cycling camp, with a magnificent setting, and a family atmosphere. Every rider at their level was able to progress by benefiting from a healthy diet, massage, compression boots and personalized coaching. I really had the feeling of belonging to a club where we were able, with friends (for a week), to ride the beautiful roads of Mallorca! »

Olivier, France

2 months ago

« I wanted to put 2022 behind me, and start 2023 on a good note. Cycling is my passion, so for once, I wanted to treat myself to an unforgettable week. That's exactly what I got thanks to the Sa Calobra Team (Aurélien, Paul, Uli, Stan, Megan, Laura). I will not list again all the positive points described by the former participants who made me choose this camp, they are all true... If you are reading this, you are probably thinking about registering. Do not hesitate, you would certainly regret it. You would miss out on moments of camaraderie, of passion, in cycling paradise. Oh yes ! The only negative is that the SCCC is a victim of its own success, so you have to register almost a year in advance 😂. »

Marc, France

2 months ago

« Brilliant cycling camp in ideal conditions! Everything is centered on the cyclist, whether in terms of performance, well-being and recovery. We have nothing to think about and the equipment available is top of the range. The location is really ideal for dream rides. Finally, the whole staff is brilliant and takes great care of the riders. The dream for any cyclist. »

Laura, United Kingdom

2 months ago

« I had an awesome week's cycling with Aurelien and the Sa Calobra Cycling Club team. The team are super committed and the whole trip was very well organised. We were lucky with amazing weather so blessed with beautiful views on every ride - all of which were really well planned out and pre briefed. The attention to detail made it flow very smoothly and really made a difference. Great bikes, great energy, daily massages, nutrition advice and support (data driven), power meters, and also really good coaching to help each of us ride to the best of our ability (and maybe break a few records!). Would definitely come back. Thanks SCCC! »

Dick, Netherlands

2 months ago

« To summarize: very professional and friendly! I had a great week, learned a lot and loved the pro experience! »

Arnaud, France

3 months ago

« Incredible experience, a perfectly organized week with great technical knowledge into training. Can't wait to go back for another week with Sa Calobra Cycling Club! »

Nick, United Kingdom

4 months ago

« What an absolutely awesome time! These guys know how to put on a show - airport transfers, organised & fully briefed rides, bikes, kit & helmets, mechanical support and feed stops, non-stop advice, massage, therapy boots, all the freshly made food you can eat. A real passion about this island and cycling is a rare attribute and these guys have it in a plentiful supply!

For someone who comes to Mallorca regularly this has topped any cycling camp I have ever attended. Highly recommended for cyclists who want to be treated as a pro! »

Robbie, United Kingdom

4 months ago

« Best cycling I’ve ever done. What an amazing experience. Great roads, epic scenery and an amazing support team. Everything is taken care the whole week and you really do live like a pro. Aurelien and team have done a fantastic job putting together Sa Calobra Cycling Club. Book up fast! »

Dave, United States

4 months ago

« In short, Sa Calobra Cycling Club offers the best cycling experience, and for the money… there is no better. Aurelien, Paul and Laura are awesome and after spending a week with them I can honestly call them my friends. It felt more like a local group ride with close friends than a paid “tour”. The personal touch was amazing and at no time I felt like a customer rather just a riding buddy!

That said, I want to provide more details for those who are seriously thinking about booking with this club. Before I begin, I think it’s important to provide some background on my cycling experience to put some context on this review. I consider myself to be an avid cyclist, riding around 5-10hrs a week when time allows. I am also a technical cyclist always diving into the technology side of biking with new gadgets and gear. Finally, at 77kg I am not a climber so the amount of elevation was concerning when I booked. Enough about me…here are more detailed thoughts on Sa Calobra Cycling Club.

If your reading this and on the fence about booking please do not worry. Aurelien has a plan for you on day one. All you need to do is listen, learn and you will felt the miles/km pass by in a blink of an eye. I’m not saying it will be easy rather it will be enjoyable and a challenging way. Each cyclist gets their own plan for the week so you ride within your limits. Unfortunately, I thought I was stronger than I was pushed super hard on Puig Major and I got spanked hard. Maybe I had something to prove, dunno get I was questioning my life choice about 5km to the top. On this point, listen and questions about pacing and Aurelien will take care of you.

As for me, the massage team of Stan and Amy put Humpty Dumpty back together again. After I found my pacing, nutrition and put my ego in check, I had a blast and the days no matter the miles and elevation just flew by. In fact, as I write this I feel like I could do another week right now even with over 350km and 6k meters of climbing in my legs from this week.

I also want to mention how amazing food was throughout the week. Laura did a fantastic job making sure we had the right balance of food and not just junk. I’m a foodie and I hate to admit I don’t eat super healthy. All the foods that Laura served was new to my pallet and I am waiting for her recipes so I can make at home… well, try to?

The only thing that sucks is that the secret must be out as I need to wait until next fall to go again as they are sold out spring of 2023. My friends and I will be rebooking for fall 2023. We can go anywhere but I choose to come back here to ride and hang with my new found friends Aurelien, Paul and Laura. Best wishes! »

Alain, France

4 months ago

« Great week, Aurelien and his team took great care of us: professionalism, organization, logistics, coaching, homemade nutrition, massages, quality debriefing. I recommend without hesitation! »

Andy, United Kingdom

5 months ago

« Returning for a second camp I already knew I was in for a fantastic week with Sa Calobra Cycling Club, but surely it couldn't be better?

Well, I can tell you that it most certainly was. The already amazing food, routes, presentations, recovery aids, massages and boundless enthusiasm of staff all seemed to have been upped a level. Let's also not forget you are cycling in a cyclist's paradise.

There is a wonderful team spirit and the hardest part isn't any of the spectacular climbs, but saying goodbye at the end of the week. Looking forward to returning again soon for another wonderful week. »

Sarak, United Kingdom

5 months ago

« Wow, what an incredible week! There are no words to adequately describe this exceptional cycling experience.

Thank you Aurelien for your dedication, kindness and support. You are truly inspirational.

Thank you Laura for the most fabulous food, shakes and energy bars.

Thank you Paul, what an absolute superstar you are. There is no limit to your talents.

Along with the breathtaking scenery, professional coaching, post-ride massages, spectacular photography and a group of fantastic team-mates, this has been an unforgettable experience. Thank you for the most enjoyable week of cycling ever. »

Mike, United Kingdom

5 months ago

« My week as a team member of the Sa Calobra Cycling Club was fabulous. The team delivers on their promise to deliver a pro-cycling experience and then some; for me I was living a dream.

Aurelien and his team take care of everything - you just have to turn up, tune in and ride your bike. It is both the most intense and the most relaxing experience - I found so much headspace on and off the bike.

The food’s fabulous, the bikes are perfectly prepared, the rides are breathtaking, the recovery will keep you in peak condition for the week, and the coaching’s excellent; I learnt so much.

Thank you Aurelien, Laura, Paul & Amy - I look forward to seeing you again soon. »

Philippe, France

5 months ago

« When we go to the website, we are intrigued by so many promises. And yet, the reality is there and goes much further than our expectations. Top-notch coaching, which makes us see cycling in a different way, a dream week in magnificent settings. And the assistance and meals, keep doing what you are doing. I'll be back. »

Martin, United Kingdom

5 months ago

« Amazing experience & the help, support and knowledge to guide you through the best 6 days of cycling 🚴‍♂️❤️ »

Carsten, Denmark

5 months ago

« I had high expectations for this camp, due to the description on their website, and I can truly say that every expectation was fully met, and surpassed. Aurélien and his team are all kind and capable people, making sure you have the best possible time, both on and off the bike.

Coming back form a ride was a true luxury. Grab the recovery shake waiting for you, when you enter the door, while the table is being set for lunch. Have a nice healthy lunch, and then just hang out with you fellow riders and wait for your turn for the daily massage, while you kit is being washed, and your bike cleaned.

Thank you Aurélien, Laura, Paul, Amy and Stan for the memory of a lifetime. »

Bertrand, France

5 months ago

« A unique and fabulous experience! Everything was perfect during this cycling camp. Everything is done here so that you concentrate and devote yourself to the pleasure of pedaling in grandiose and incomparable landscapes. You are perfectly taken care of, so that these 7 days become 7 days of pure pleasure. Will come back as soon as possible. »

Jean-François, France

5 months ago

« An incredible experience. This is cycling paradise. I will definitely come back next year! »

Raul, Italy

5 months ago

« What a week! I was looking for a kind of cycling holiday on Internet and I found the Sa Calobra Cycling Club page. I was impressed by the high rate of appreciation and I decided to "give tham a chance". Well, they're not 5 stars level, they are so far more! 💯✨

The staff is absolutely super. Laura cooked for us delicious and healthy dishes every day, Amy and Stan recovered our tired legs after the ride with amazing massages, Aurelian was not only our captain, was our mentor giving us tips and support before, during and after every ride. And Paul, photographer, mechanic, driver and much more... What to say more? It was not only a fantastic week of cycling, it was a superb week of socialisation! At Sa Calobra Cycling Club you can make new friends, sharing with them the passion for cycling, moments that will never forget!!!

So, if you love cycling and want to be in paradise, check the availability and don't miss the chance (if you can find any free spot). It will be absolutely worth it! »

Luiz, Brazil

6 months ago

« An incredible experience! Have you ever dreamt of living the life of a Tour de France rider, in a heavenly place, without spending a fortune? This is the place for you. Carbon bike with electronic groupset, power meter, Abus helmet, bars and energy drink, food, briefing and debriefings, workshops on equipment, training, power data, nutrition, etc. Everything you can think of for the perfect training week in paradise is here. The program is perfectly adapted to everyone. Even more fantastic, the energy and the love transmitted by the staff, Aurélien the boss, Laura the “mom” and Paul the guardian angel. I don't have the words to thank you enough for this wonderful time we all spent together. I am already preparing to come back soon. »

Caroline, Brazil

6 months ago

« When I found the Sa Calobra Cycling Club during my search for a cycling trip, I could not imagine how exceptionnal it would be. Coach Aurelien, Chef Laura, and All-in-one Paul (yes, drives, takes pictures, repair bikes, and a little bit more) were incredible. Besides, Meg and Stan with massages are the perfect complement. I hope to join this team again next year! »

Natanael, Brazil

6 months ago

« I've never done a training camp before, so I wasn't sure how to choose the best option. Luckily we found the Sa Calobra Cycling Club and were really impressed with the quality of our experience there!

From our airport pickup to the Villa, our equipment preparation, food, recovery, everything is provided for you to have the best experience possible through the week. Aurélien did an excellent job accompanying and guiding us before, during and after our rides. Paul was always smiling in the support car and ready for any situation, provided us with first class equipment and also always managed to take great pictures! Laura was tireless in her mission to keep us very well fed and supplied for the whole week! Megan and Stan were also amazing in helping us recover with great massages!

If you're looking for a complete experience, don't hesitate! Enjoy the beautiful mountains of Mallorca and perform a sensational training! »

Sipho, United Kingdom

6 months ago

« I enjoyed the camp so much last year that I came back a second time this year. Can you improve on Perfection? Well, it seems so.

There are more tools to aid recovery. More content in the daily briefings. The ride experience and team atmosphere are still excellent. All food is prepared on the premises and is nutritional and delicious. The camp works with riders of different backgrounds and abilities and everyone is stretched.

Finally, I was amazed at my improvement between last year and this year, which was helped by following some of the principles that I learnt on the camp.

I am already thinking about coming a third time. »

Vismantas, Lithuania

6 months ago

« If you want to become great at anything, you should find people better than you and learn everything that you can from them! This is the best cycling camp in the world!
Definitely planning to come back. Thanks Aurelien 🙏☀️ »

Walter, United States

6 months ago

« An amazing week of cycling. Not only is the beauty of the island second to none, but the organization and passion for riding is phenomenal. Laura did a fantastic job of fueling you with incredibly fresh meals with lots of variety… always delicious! Aurelien was a wealth of knowledge on pacing, fueling and how to make you a better cyclist. The massages, compression boots and compex tens unit really helped aid in the recovery for the next day of riding.

You won’t be disappointed… challenging, but extremely rewarding adventure! »

Rosie, United Kingdom

6 months ago

« The BEST cycling camp around! I could not recommend it enough. The coaching and support was incredible, if there was any issue it would be sorted ASAP and I learnt so much about different aspects of cycling. The food was 5 Star, always plenty to eat and drink, and it was so tasty that I always went for seconds! I can't wait to go back! »

Jason, United States

6 months ago

« Amazing First Class experience. From the accommodations to the food, to the recovery treatments. All topped off by amazing “briefing” on the day’s performance and plans for the next. You will leave a better rider and motivated to put learnings into practice. »

Patrice, France

6 months ago

« Wonderful cycling experience with full support (excellent food, technical support, massage, etc…). Wonderful team, coaching us and taking us to the next level. Congratulations. »

Philippe, France

9 months ago

« What a pleasure to ride in the grandiose landscapes of Mallorca, with super friendly teammates. All this thanks to Aurélien, a great captain, very professional. At the head of this organization with two extraordinary lieutenants: Paul who take so good care of the bikes, support us on the road, and Laura an outstanding chef who prepared dishes combining pleasure and nutrition. The briefings were also very interesting with lots of very useful advice to progress. Do not hesitate, and go! 👍🚵‍♂️☀️ »

Greg, United Kingdom

9 months ago

« Heaven for any cyclist enthusiast! »

Benoit, France

9 months ago

« More than a cycling camp. An incredible human and sporting experience. You will never be the same cyclist again after meeting Aurélien and his team (family). The level of advice to improve yourself in your passion is crazy. Fantastic accommodation, the quality of the food, logistics, massages, perfect bikes. Do not hesitate, go for it and you will return. Thank you Aurélien, Paul, Travaine, Amy and Stan! »

Meike, Switzerland

9 months ago

« Aurelien and his Team thought-out everything. From the moment, you get in touch for the first time, over the booking process, pre-camp infos with the Roadbook, being picked up at the airport etc. The whole team is extremely passionate about cycling and they are really looking after everyone with lots of joy. The food was delicious throughout the whole week, including the homemade power bars during the rides.

Aurelien pushed and coached all of us, I did not know that I could do the whole week that strong, really made me exceed my limits. Having Paul with the support car with us on all rides has been amazing, all day could drinks, possibility to take anything you need on the rides and another plus the fantastic pictures he made of us all week.

I've been impressed every day about how well they are organized, with what pleasure they are working day by day and their knowledge about cycling. Just awesome, will definitely be back! »

Philippe, Switzerland

9 months ago

« I participated in a Sa Calobra Cycling club cycling camp in June 2022. It was an incredible experience for me. The organization is simply perfect and the ambiance excellent. I was able to surpass myself during this week thanks to the advice of Aurélien, Paul and the encouragement of the whole team. The excellent food and the massages after each ride made me feel like a pro. I advise everyone to try the experience and join the team, the Sa Calobra Cycling Club family. #wearesacalobracyclingclub »

Samuel, United Kingdom

9 months ago

« By way of background, I'm a 31 year old relatively keen amateur cyclist, but by no means super fit. I cycle on zwift maybe 3/4 times a week with the occasional long weekend ride. I joined the team in May 2022 and quite simply put this was the best cycling experience I've ever had, so much so myself and some friends have already signed up again for next year!

The Cycling:
The cycling is incredible. For anyone who hasn't cycled in Majorca, the roads are a cyclist's dream, the climbs are spectacular and the views are stunning. Each day is carefully constructed and explained in detail by Aurelien and team during the daily team briefing and also throughout the day. Sa Calobra aside, the cycling is breathtaking.

On the Road:
Aurelien rides with you every day personally guiding you and is supported by another team member in the team car/van which provides water, carbs, food and any technical support as and when required. Aurelien and the team's knowledge of the roads, climbs and descents is second to none. The organization and planning makes everything so so easy. By way of example, one of our group suffered a puncture and within seconds a spare had been taken out of the team car and we were ready to carry on. We had a range of abilities in our group (the majority being enthusiastic amateur cyclists ranging from 30-55 in age), but at no point did anyone feel held back or left behind, such is the knowledge and planning that goes into each day. For example, each rider is given a target FTP or time for the major climbs. You really do put in work.

The Experience:
Everything (and I mean everything) is taken care of for you; the food, which is delicious, varied and carefully considered to provide optimal fueling, the equipment (all equipment), the post-ride recovery (including daily professional massage and compression boots) and the individually tailored training plan. In addition, the little touches like having stickers on your equipment with your name and national flag, along with personalized target FTP / watts and the distance / average gradient of each climb that day really make the experience. You're even encouraged to weigh yourself before and at the end of each day so the team can ensure you've taken on enough fluids. There is nothing else you need to think about but the riding, Aurelien and the team have everything else covered.

Why Join:
There is nothing else even close to the experience that Sa Calobra Cycling Club offer. It truly is a professional cycling team experience. You will make a ton of great cycling memories, not to mention take home all the photos and video taken by the dedicated photographer. Aurelien and team are incredibly welcoming and share a passion for cycling in Majorca. The knowledge the team shares throughout the week is amazing. The whole week is such phenomenal value for money and you will leave thinking about the next week with Sa Calobra Cycling Club.

If you think this review sounds a bit much, book a week and see for yourself. »

Laurent, Switzerland

10 months ago

« A unique experience, in total immersion in our passion. All the details are thought out for a complete cycling experience. Meals, briefing, recovery, rides, everything is oiled like the best derailleurs... And in the end, the chemistry of the group pushes us to give the best of ourselves. The concept is professional and innovative. »

Jean-Michel, Switzerland

10 months ago

« A wonderful week thanks to a flawless organization. Professionalism and friendliness defined this cycling camp, and I also learned a lot. For me, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you Aurélien, thank you to the staff, and thank you to the other participants. »

Alain, Switzerland

10 months ago

« An exceptional week of cycling. The organization is simply perfect: the hospitality, the villa, the chef who cooks incredible dishes with fresh and varied products, without forgetting the massages every day after the ride, the coaching workshops, etc. Aurélien and his team have created a fantastic atmosphere! I can only recommend this experience to all cycling enthusiasts. The only problem is the departure. We just want it to never end! Thank you again and congratulations for your work.
PS: I'll be back! »

Gilles, France

10 months ago

« A unique experience, because everything is done here for you to succeed. A staff always available. Awesome bikes, a menu made to put you back on the saddle the next day, amazing massages and a superb place to live. Thank you to the whole staff, you are amazing 💪👍. I met passionate people, who like to suffer, and have fun at the same time. Different cultures that bring you all the good things in life. Friendships were forged throughout the week. I will come back, and I hope with my friends from this camp to write another page of this wonderful and enriching book. »

Nicholas, Canada

10 months ago

« Absolutely fabulous and flawless organization. Aurelien and team are running one of the best cycling, if not the best, training camps. Small groups, riders focussed, great team atmosphere with home cooked meals, professional massage, professional photos and video, new carbon bikes on Shimano DI2 12s and great accommodation in a beautiful villa: everything is there and included. Each rides are analyzed in the evening and goals are set for the following day. Coaching and instruction in the evening are of high quality and the briefing for next day's ride is very professional. The name on the van is just the cherry on the cake! And for the price, it is a real bargain. Would do it again tomorrow and highly recommend it to fellow cyclists of all levels. »

Ashley, United Kingdom

10 months ago

« This has to be the best Cycle Training Camp in the world!!

I took part in the training camp 16>23 April 2022, and from the moment we were met at the Airport we were looked after. Even before the camp started we had the camp road book sent out to us, to give us an idea of what to expect from day 1. The location was simply stunning and perfect for our smaller group numbers.

Aurelien has created the most amazing training camp, with every aspect taken care of, from the quality of the clothing (Gobik), the standard of the equipment (Full Carbon bikes, with the latest di2 12 Spd), & Wahoo bike computers. After every member of the team has completed an FTP Test, he then calculates each riders power zones and tailors every ride to suite the group collectively, setting individual training goals for the ride.

Once you return from the rides, the onsite mechanic Paul takes over, giving each bike a full check to ensure it is ready to go the next day while you then start the rider recovery programme, Protein Shakes, Massage, & rest.

The Chef (we had Laura for our week) created some of the most nutritious and delicious foods I've ever had while on a cycling specific camp. One of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, she made every meal a team experience with us all sitting around the table breaking bread together.

Without doubt, this is the best value for money cycle camp I have found; The all inclusive nature, the highest of coaching standards and the quality of hardware are all there to get the very best potential realised from each & every rider who attends these camps and I would whole heartedly recommend any rider with a passion for cycling to come on one of these camps. »

Stéphane, France

10 months ago

« What could I say about this fantastic cycling camp?! Everything is perfect: the welcome at the airport, the villa, the coaching, the food, the bikes, the photos, the staff, with the massages that allow you to surpass yourself. Great professionalism from Aurélien. A team of riders of all nationalities, unknown at the start, who became friends after a week. What a void when you get back home, and what a desire to keep up with what I've learnt. For those who are scared, I would tell them that I got back on the bike in July after 20 years of tennis, and managed to do the entire program thanks to the coaching and support. So don't hesitate, go for it! For sure, I will be back! »

Marco, Germany

10 months ago

« It was really a great experience. The whole camp was perfectly organized from start to finish. Transfer from the airport and back, accommodation in a beautiful town house in Pollenca, food, fabulous rental bikes and team clothing, massages, workshops and coaching, laundry service, and of course super cool group rides for everyone. Another highlight are the many photos you get while cycling, super professional and memories for life. Both the Sa Calobra Cycling Club staff and my teammates for the week were awesome. We grew together as a team this week and I surpassed myself in my performances. It's amazing what's possible when someone tells you how to do it properly and what potential lies dormant in you. Aurélien, the captain, is an absolute professional. What impressed me the most was how passionate he is about cycling and how he shares with others. If time and money were not an issue, I would book the next available camp again straight away. But unfortunately I'll have to wait a bit longer until I can say again: “Sa Calobra Cycling Club Fantastic!” »

Stéphane, France

10 months ago

« A unique experience, a team always available and attentive. Aurélien is so enthusiast. He lives and breathes cycling. Very, very good 🚴👌 »

Claude, Canada

11 months ago

« Very well executed cycling camp. Every bike comes with a power meter for a reason. Day one is an FTP test, then each ride afterwards is analyzed and power targets given for the next day. With proper ride nutrition (provided) and massage afterwards you’ll be amazed what you are capable of day after day. Great roads to cycle on too. Feel like a pro for a week! »

Chris, United Kingdom

11 months ago

« Just back from a second training camp with Aurélien and his team. It was a full group of nine riders this time and still the whole experience was as incredible as I remember; the rides, the climbs, the individual and group coaching, the team vehicle, the food, the massages, the villa, the team spirit etc. Treat yourself to a challenging but highly memorable week with SCCC. You won't regret it. »

Jayme, Canada

11 months ago

« I joined the Sa Calobra Cycling Club camp in April 2022. I was looking for a holiday that would be appropriate for me as a 30-something female travelling alone, and wanting to taking my road biking to the next level. I was nervous coming from an environment with not much elevation and also coming from Winter training (vs. strong summer legs!). The camp was more than I was expecting with the coaching involved in learning how to utilize your FTP better on climbs, the great food and lovely accomadation. The Sa Calobra CC team thought of everything, including the little details that go above and beyond what you're probably expecting on a cycling camp. Also, although we were 9 indivuals from different backgrounds and various countries, we came together quite quickly as a team! I can't wait to come back next year. »

Nigel, United Kingdom

11 months ago

« Brilliant week, from breakfast to dinner (all meals cooked in house and fabulous) through to bike maintenance and bottles being made up. Rides were beyond awesome and just the right side of hard to make every day fun and challenging. When you get back to the villa a protein shake and a meal awaits with a massage following. Coaching and cycling advice along with a briefing of the following day closes off your day and then you rinse and repeat. All you need to think about is. Riding. The. Bike! You can bring your own bike or they will supply one. Routes chosen are great and show off the best parts of the island and all the best climbs! The team are phenomenal and I can’t wait to come back. »

Paul-André, Switzerland

A year ago

« I had the privilege of sharing a week of cycling like the pros from March 19 to 26, 2022. Reception at the airport, riders' first names and countries printed on the team car, dietary meals, bikes, helmets, cardio belt, GPS, FTP test, briefing on the use of a power meter, on the use of energy drinks, how to ride in a peloton, marginal gains, kits provided, chef at home, mechanic, masseur and masseuse every evening (!), photographer, cleaning of kits, feed zones, shuttle to course departures, etc.

Of course, to this non-exhaustive list we must add the professionalism of Aurélien who designed a tailor-made program of the most beautiful courses on the island of Mallorca: Puig Major, Valldemossa, Sa Calobra, Coll dels Reis, etc.

Sincerely, I recommend this one-week camp. I think your pleasure will be increased tenfold at the end of the week. Congratulations to the entire Sa Calobra Cycling Club team, and thank you very much for this moment of sharing... like the pros. »

Vincent, France

A year ago

« I participated in the cycling camp last week, and it was an exceptional human and sporting experience! Aurélien has assembled an amazing team around himself so that each of us has an unforgettable week! I recommend this camp. »

Olivier, France

A year ago

« Thank you Aurelien and all your team, masseurs, cooks, and Paul, of course, the team's assistant. Honestly, I had a dream week. You have been very caring with us riders. We climbed, rode fast in the descents, and enjoyed breathtaking landscapes. All stages were superb. So if there are any cyclists with doubts about the quality of the camp, go ahead, I 100% recommend it. Thank you Captain, Paul, Laura, Amy, Stan, Travain and of course Lukas. »

Jérôme, France

A year ago

« The Sa Calobra Cycling Club Mallorca camp is over, after 22 hours in the saddle, 520km, and 9100m of elevation gain, magnificent views, fantastic people and a incredible atmosphere! Thank you to all the Sa Calobra Cycling Club team. It was the best sporting experience of my life. See you soon on the roads. »

Max, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I joined Sa Calobra Cycling Club's camp between 19 - 26 February 2022, and I cannot rate Aurelien and his team highly enough. It was not only an excellent cycling experience, but an extremely enjoyable human experience.

The website tells you everything on offer - stunning daily rides guided by Aurelien, first class and well-maintained road bikes - cleaned daily (thanks Paul), healthy, delicious and plentiful food (thanks Travain and Laura), power meters and coaching, constant on-bike nutrition, constant support van, professional-standard photography and videography (thanks Paul and Genia) and daily massages (thanks Amy and Stan).

What the website can't tell you is how dedicated, passionate and friendly the whole team is, working very long days to ensure everything is perfect for the guests. Above all, Aurelien - a phenomenal cyclist - is totally committed to ensuring that everyone has a great week, regardless of cycling ability, nationality or language, and he does it with easy French charm and humour. You will form a close bond with the Sa Calobra CC team and your fellow riders, and I promise you will have a great week.

Book it if there are any spaces left. »

Francis, France

A year ago

« It was the first cycling camp I participated in. I enjoyed the rides, the diversity of the routes, the objectives given at the briefing, but also the professionalism of the Ride Captain and his staff. Conviviality and good ambiance were essential. I'd recommend the Sa Calobra Cycling Club. »

Franck, France

A year ago

« What a magnificent week, without any problems. Everything is good, culturaly and sport wise, and there is a very good ambiance. Thanks to the Sa Calobra Cycling Club team! I highly recommend it for any cyclist, even for average cyclists like me! »

Jonathan, United States

A year ago

« I found Sa Calobra CC while between two jobs and in the middle of the Swedish winter. Looking simply for a warmer climate and a few other people to ride with, I quickly found my way to Sa Calobra CC. I was immediately impressed with the team's immediate replies to my inquiries throughout the booking process. I booked a slot from Feb 5-12th 2022 and found a flight.

I had no idea that I was on my way for the easily the most unforgettable week of cycling in my life.

From airport transfers to bike hire (and maintenance during the entire week!), a fantastic base/villa, professional kit, power meters/HR-monitors, daily massage and free use of recovery equipment, professional-level photography, home-cooked (excellent, healthy and generous!) meals and nutrition - even coaching - literally everything you could need or want during the week is thought of and included. The week went miles beyond riding a bike in the sun. We were delivered a fully immersive week of fitness and cycling on every level. Perhaps even best of all - after our week of riding/eating/laughing/living with three other riders and the incredible Sa Calobra CC staff, I truly have new friends for life.

I will be back. There is no question.

If you have the slightest interest - book and experience. Sa Calobra CC will take care of you and deliver a unique and unforgettable experience.

Gus, Netherlands

A year ago

« If you love riding your bike, treat yourself to a week with Sa Calobra Cycling Club. It’s hard to do justice to quite how good they are at running what have to be the best cycling camps available to non-pro riders anywhere in the world, but I’ll try!

Agonisingly beautiful rides with climbs that somehow become more and more stunning as the week goes on, awesome food (in quantities that would be irrational and obscene to non-cyclists), an exquisite villa full of the best company, daily pre-ride briefing and post-ride debriefing, professional-grade photographs taken of you throughout every ride, a really clever handicapped time trial to allow everyone to have a race together (it’s just a bit of fun…), and that rare atmosphere of total comfort that will make you thoroughly depressed when it’s time to head home again.

Jump on YouTube and check out the videos on their channel to get an idea of how much time and effort the team put into making sure you have the best week of cycling available anywhere. It’s total commitment from all of them, on and off the bike, and it’s actually humbling to see how much they care (and how exceptional the camps are as a result).

Jamie, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I had the most excellent experience riding with Sa Calobra Cycling Club and learned so much from the team. Great laughs, great cooking, great riding, and left with some great mates. If you have wanted to be treated like a pro this is the cycling camp you need to be with.

Aurelien couldn't have done any more for us and the photos and videos are amazing. Bit warm? Chuck your gilet in the team van behind, bit cold wave the team van through and get your gilet. Totally professional setup. I did especially like the envie from other groups of holiday cyclists who didn't have the organisation as we did. Team kits anything we wanted. Professional cooks, daily massages, only thing was missing were my 53 year old legs but they did me proud.

Thanks everyone at Sa Calobra Cycling Club including Lukas, the team's mascot! »

Steven, United States

A year ago

« I came to this cycling trip on a whim, and it ended up being the most enjoyable vacation I've ever had. If you like to ride your bike, you'll enjoy a week full of incredible cycling, company, and views.

The week is crafted to ensure you are properly fueled to push yourself on every climb. When looking at the week's ride schedule, do not be intimidated. The recovery you get off the bike will ensure you not only survive but thrive throughout the week. It was the hardest I've ever pushed myself on the bike, yet it was the most relaxing vacation I ever had.

If the incredible experience is not enough to convince you, Sa Calobra Cycling Club also includes professional photography to make you look as professional as you feel. You come home with hundreds of photos and a video to reminisce and make all your friends jealous! I can't find a single photo I am not smiling in.

I highly recommend booking a Sa Calobra Cycling Club camp and riding with Aurelien and his staff. You will not regret it.

Bonus: Luaas the dog is an adorable little guy. You might need to bring a dog treat to bribe him and win his favor. »

Rose, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I had an awesome week with Aurelien and the crew. It was an excellent set up that combined a great team environment and group riding with daily personal, individualised training targets that were updated during the week to suit each of us. Definitely not a one size fits all approach and I came away with huge personal pbs beyond my expectations. Food was delicious and nutritious, massages wonderful and it was so great to have Paul in the support looking after everything on the road and keeping spirits up. »

Martin, Germany

A year ago

« Great training camp, nice people and definitely suitable for passionate cyclists of all ages. »

Nicolas, France

A year ago

« The perfect environment and supervision to focus on only one thing: cycling and progressing.

A big thumbs up for the theoretical workshops at the end of the day on the science of training: this made me want to review a whole lot of things in my daily life as an athlete to become stronger on a bike. »

Andy, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I'm struggling to come up with the suitable words to sum up an incredible week with the Sa Calobra Cycling Club. Aurelien's enthusiasm for cycling is boundless and his goal is simple, for everyone to make the most of their ability and to love the sport as much as he clearly does. The support team look after your every need, all you need to do is clip in, pedal and meet your goals. Everything has been considered and every aspect of it is first class. Food, photography, videos, massages, bikes, briefings, kit and the most wonderful support team you could ever wish for.

Thank you Aurelien, Paul, Travaine, Amy, Genia and our mascot Lukas and to my team mates Alain, Pierre and Heather. A truly wonderful week and one I will certainly cherish. I look forward to returning in 2022. »

Pierre, Belgium

A year ago

« Today, Aurelien dropped me off at the airport after a final extra ride, just him and me. I walked into Palma airport with tears. Tears of happiness but also of sadness. The happiness of having experienced an immeasurable experience, and the sadness of having to leave. While writing these few lines, the emotion overwhelms me again. This week will forever be engraved in my mind!

Beyond the pain I felt everyday, I have exceeded my mental and physical limits, and everything was in place for everyone to get there.
I lived a dream!

Thank you ! Thank you to the whole team! I'll finish these few lines advising all cycling lovers to trust Aurélien and his team...

PS: I'll be back in 2022... 🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴🚴 »

James, United Kingdom

A year ago

« What an absolutely brilliant week with Aurelien and the rest of the Sa Calobra Cycling Club team.

I chose SCCC because the rides looked great. I liked that everything was provided so I could just turn up and ride, and also it looked like everything was top quality. All of this turned out to be true, but the trip and SCCC was so much more than I thought it would be.

The rides were brilliant. Despite the inclement weather we took in all the iconic climbs and routes, culminating in the stunning final Queen stage. The support van is good, not only providing a ready source of refuelling and spares but with Paul as resident cameraman we got loads of great photos to remember the trip by.

My one reservation before the trip was whether I would be able to cope with six big days and quite a bit of climbing. Although a keen cyclist, I hadn’t tackled this level of intensity before. I needn’t have worried. Aurelien coaches everyone individually, challenging you to outperform what you think you can do. It doesn’t matter if you are a climbing novice or a hardened mountain goat, his calm, tailored and effective coaching improves you.

As well as coaching on climbing and how to use power to train effectively and race optimally, there are detailed sessions on nutrition, equipment etc. Aurelien’s passion and depth of experience means that everyone learned a huge amount and came away looking at how they train and ride in a different way.

The food, freshly prepared by the lovely Laura and Juliet, was delicious and varied and importantly (for me!) there was always a huge amount, so we never went hungry. “On the bike” nutrition is all home prepared, whether this is the bottles or the energy/protein bars - all very tasty, effective and good to know there’s no rubbish in them and also I now know how to prepare my own at home.

With all the kit provided and washed every day, you really don’t have to lift a finger. The daily massage is a welcome (and probably essential!) touch. It meant we started each morning fresh and without the usual aches that come from a big day before.

Oh and I mustn’t forget Lukas - the greatest cycling team mascot.

Overall the Sa Calobra Cycling Club exceeded all my expectations.
I knew it would be well organised and would be high quality kit and food but I didn’t appreciate how much I would learn through Aurelien’s coaching, how good the workshops would be and how much I could love climbing… Chapeau Aurelien and the whole team. I will be back. »

Chris, United Kingdom

A year ago

« Just back from a fantastic week with Aurelien, Laura, Paul, Amy and Lukas. Majorca speaks for itself as a cycling destination, and Sa Calobra Cycling Club’s villa, food, kit, organisation and pro team experience took everything up a level. On and off the bike Aurelien inspired, coached and encouraged me to get more out of myself than I thought was possible. I’m looking forward to my next trip already! »

Aurelien, France

A year ago

« The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is an amazing experience - for both cycling and all that comes around it! The rides, team, support car, photos and videos, morning and evening debriefs, daily massages as well as the (100% homemade) food are all amazing with a real family like feeling. I was also a bit worried initially as my average mileage is already close to 500 km a week - but don't worry! Aurelien will know how to put you through your paces and you won't be asking for more! I can only recommend whatever your level is and I'll definitely be back! »

Cormac, United Kingdom

A year ago

« Aurelien and his team of Laura, Paul, Stan and Amy provide the most amazing cycling experience and support. From world class coaching on and off the bike from Aurelien, amazing food by Laura and brilliant mechanic and on road support from Paul followed by a daily massage, no cycling camp I have completed offers anything like this. Chapeau to the team. I’ll be back! »

Steven, Belgium

A year ago

« The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is the best cycling holiday ever! Challenging but so good. Everything is arranged down to the last detail. Every day your bike is ready with 2 drinking bottles. All you have to do is enjoy yourself and cycle. Don't hesitate and just register! Thanks again Laura, Aurélien, Paul and my teammates. Until next time! »

Joe, Canada

A year ago

« Professional cycling training camp experience in beautiful Mallorca. Aurelien, Laura, and Paul go above and beyond to make sure everyone enjoys their time with the club and gets the most out of the trip. The unique nature of the experience and the excellent value the club provides simply cannot be beat. I can’t tell enough people about how great a trip I had with the Sa Calobra Cycling Club. »

Olivier, France

A year ago

« I had a great experience at the Sa Calobra Cycling Club, a Top Staff, homemade cuisine, car assistance all day, and a Coach, Aurélien, who shows us his passion with enthusiasm and teaches us a lot about our sport. »

Jennifer, Switzerland

A year ago

« Absolutely amazing! Need more reasons?! #1 Wonderful team #2 The immense support of Aurelien & Paul #3 Spectacular rides to the best spots in Mallorca. It won‘t be easy but when I can do it - you can do it too! Plus: having teammates, getting to know your strenght, receicing valuable pro-tips and the massages will help too! #4 Super tasty and healthy food by Laura! #5 Cool design! They pay attention to all the details. Love it! »

Ronny, Switzerland

A year ago

« Regardless of your level or number of kilometers, Aurélien teaches you how to improve and how to become a faster cyclist. In a team atmosphere with good service. Excellent and very elaborate food to improve your performance and reduce fatigue. All the logistics of a professional team, you have no worries other than riding at your best, Aurélien takes care of the rest. I already know I'm going back next year! »

Dominic, United Kingdom

A year ago

« The camp was amazing.

Aurelien the owner organiser is very knowledgeable and passionate about his business and more importantly about his customers. The educational aspects of the camp (power training, nutrition etc..) was very useful and totally changed some of the ways that I viewed my own approach to cycling. In my opinion the value is spot on, when you start making your own calculations and breaking down everything you will realise that it is very good value for money, also there are many other softer aspects that are hard to value.
Basically, every detail is taken care of, you are met at the airport, taken to the camp, given a high-end bike, conduct an FTP test and have briefings before and a de-briefing after every day, on top of that there are specific workshops, tips and tricks that are invaluable.

A daily high-intensity 20min leg massage is something that you wouldn't pay for every day in any other circumstances due to the high cost but having it included was a real bonus.

The food was amazing and spot on with a post ride shake, lunch and dinner, all the ingredients highly tailored to the needs of a calorie intensive cycling week. The riding is challenging by its very nature, with a lot of classic climbs where you are going to be pushing yourself to the limit.

This is a great way to learn more about yourself on and off the bike and make new cycling buddies. I would highly recommend this camp. Thanks so much to all the staff! »

Dirk, Germany

A year ago

« Living a week like a cycling professional! - Sounds great, but is that possible for an ambitious hobby cyclist? - YES, it is! Aurelien provides proof with his Sa Calobra Cycling Club. He is the mastermind, roadcapitain and definitely the heart and soul of SCCC. You feel from the first moment that he and his team Laura, Tanja, Amy and all the staff are 100 % on fire for the idea and concept of SCCC. With the registration form, you are basically signing a "professional contract" for (unfortunately only) one week at TEAM Sa Calobra Cycling Club. For me, as a former footballer, it was an emotional experience that cycling is definitely a team sport too. Eight cyclists from 5 different nation with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences will grow together into a real team in no time. The team spirit I got to experience this week was outstanding and deeply impressed me.

The organization of the entire camp (incl. Transport to and from the airport) is simply great! The top bikes are perfectly set and the mechanic delivers super support every day in the escort vehicle.

The food, especially the handmade power bars and protein shakes after each ride is sensational! A special thanks to Laura, the Mastermind of the kitchen! Amy's and Aurelien's massages work wonders, and bring even the tiredest legs back to pedal.

The many information and tips from Aurelien were absolutely valuable to me (Dr. Watts) for optimal training with the power meter, including the FTP test on the first day. You will learn where your borders are and learn to shift them and develop with it. And the whole thing in the breathtakingly beautiful landscape of Mallorca.

For every passionate cyclist who is willing to leave his comfort zone a true horizon extension and an absolute recommendation! »

Dave, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I attended the Sa Calobra Cycling Club training camp from 18-25 Sept and had an absolutely wonderful experience. I've been on a few cycling camps in recent years and this was by far the best to date.

Each daily ride was different, with a varying mix of climbs and flats, and all offering spectacular views of the Mallorcan landscape and coastline. I was somewhat nervous going into the week, doubting my own ability compared to others and the overall difficulty of the rides, and although the rides were indeed challenging and I was one of the weaker riders in the group, I was able to successfully complete the week and achieve the goals I'd set myself.

Everyone was so supportive and encouraging and this added so much to the overall experience. We settled into a daily routine of breakfast, pre-ride briefing, the ride itself, followed by lunch and massage in the afternoon, and then a coaching workshop and dinner in the evening. The workshops were insightful and I learnt so much about many aspects of cycling, particularly on nutrition and how to understand and use power data. There were 8 of us in the group, and despite not knowing each other at the beginning of the week and coming from many different countries and backgrounds, we all seemed to click early on, forming strong bonds and friendships.

Meals were always a communal affair, which really enhanced the group dynamic - it was great to chat and laugh about the previous day, sharing stories and jokes with each other over a cold beer. The food was of very good quality, always healthy, tasty and well presented. A personal favourite was the protein shake we received as soon as we returned to base camp each day!
All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable week and I would highly recommend.

Thank you Aurelien and team and hope to see you soon! »

Jeanette, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I have just returned from a week in Mallorca with Sa Calobra Cycle Club and I have to say it was an amazing week of fabulous cycling, camaraderie, food and fun - I enjoyed every minute. I have learned so much about how to use a power meter, the bike computer and the importance of good nutrition pre, post and during rides. The team worked tirelessly to provide a full pro-cycle experience with 100% attention to detail - everything was covered from daily massages, post ride protein shakes (best I have ever had!), support vehicle, daily kit wash - even sun screen and chami cream! It’s been excellent! Highly recommended. Thanks SCCC! »

Marcus, New Zealand

A year ago

« One of the biggest value of the camp is the education sessions. I have learnt so much about how to manage my effort when climbing and a whole lot I had no idea about when it came to nutrition on the bike. Originally I was going to skip the FTP test at the start of the camp, but I’m really glad I didn’t. Firstly I surprised myself with my score, but more importantly Aurelien was able based on my performance in this test, give me personalized custom power zones and has undoubtedly made me a better climber. »

Neil, United Kingdom

A year ago

« The Sa Calobra Cycling Club camp (5/12 September) was an amazing experience! These guys have literally thought of everything, amazing food cooked by Laura, to massages, brilliant routes, hydration, bike maintenance. You literally turn up with your shoes & ride. Please don’t get hung up on ftp test, it is literally to give Aurelien numbers to get you to achieve your goals & PBs, which certainly helped me regulate my power on climbs. But for me, most of all is the friendship I’ve made with my team mates & the staff. I will definitely return in the near future! »

Isora, Spain

A year ago

« I'd recommend Sa Calobra Cycling Club because is the perfect cycling camp for those who want to improve, learn and share a wonderful experience on the bike in a wonderful location with a dedicated leader and team. »

Aday, Spain

A year ago

« SCCC is definitely a family rather than a cycling club. It has all you need to make you feeling like a PRO: nice bikes, power meters, cycling computers, superb and challenging routes, massages every day, homemade nutrition and food, interesting talkings about cycling basics and the most important, great staff, always pending of you felling comfortable. It is definitely worthy for the money you pay. »

Adiel, South Africa

A year ago

« What an amazing week of cycling in Mallorca. Over 500km’s, 8000m of elevation and over 20hrs. The team from Sa Calobra Cycling Club literally takes care of everything we just had to pedal. We all felt like pros for the week… Chapeau to all the staff! »

Denis, Belgium

A year ago

« I spent a wonderful week there with a team and staff worthy of a pro team. Top! »

Sarah, United Kingdom

A year ago

« I wouldn't change a thing! Also, Laura deserves a huge round of applause for the food! She is amazing as a chef. Food and wine were excellent! I will be back soon. »

Harvey, Australia

A year ago

« The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is the best cycling camp that you could experience. Apart of the bike riding you will have a full team backing you up during 8 challenging days. »

Ann, Ireland

A year ago

« Epic rides, great bikes, amazing staff, awesome food, the video, the photos, the massages... I can not thank the Sa Calobra Cycling Club enough for this unforgettable trip. Can't wait to come back. »

Carmelo, Switzerland

A year ago

« Simply a dream week! Hope to come back soon. Thank you again to the whole team that takes care of the organization! »

Alexandre, Switzerland

A year ago

« A perfect and very constructive cycling camp !!! A GOLDEN team and kitchen! »

Stefano, Switzerland

A year ago

« Best cycling camp of my life! Beyond my expectations: nutrition, massages, recovery, the team, everything is on top from the first second to the last one! I highly recommend! An amazing week! »

André, France

A year ago

« All-inclusive and well-organized cycling camp in Mallorca. We learn a lot of things there, especially about nutrition. We are very well taken care of from arrival to departure. Special thumbs up for the massages and the quality of the food. »

Bruno, France

A year ago

« We learn so much during this cycling camp, that we progress every day on different points. Power meter, nutrition, hydration, recovery, training method, it's all there. We come back transformed and ready to take on any challenge. »

Julius, Belgium

A year ago

« The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is unique in delivering an experience that will have you wanting to come back. The atmosphere is just fabulous and with Aurélien, Laura and the entire staff making every interaction fun. Just a FANTASTIC way to spend time with friends, because that is what the Sa Calobra team bring to the overall experience… and not to overlook the tailor made cycling experience which is breathtaking and challenging (but achievable)… That is the icing on the cake! »

Rachid, Switzerland

A year ago

« From the welcome at the airport to the cozy accommodation, homemade healthy & yummy food, rides, workshops/coaching, bike & kits, and massage, it is the BEST cycling camp ever. Train, Eat, Rest like a PRO is not just their moto, and you can add, have good fun and meet great personalities. I will be back next year with 6 friends. Thank you! »

Sébastien, Switzerland

A year ago

« Top organization and logistics. Everything is carefully prepared. Nothing is left to chance. It is an unforgettable experience that I highly recommend to cycling lovers. A staff in GOLD taking care of everything so that each one is in the best possible conditions. »

Pascal, Switzerland

2 years ago

« This is a unique experience where you are treated like a pro for one week. I look forward to come back next year! »

Richard, United Kingdom

2 years ago

« This was my first ever cycling camp. I rode with a group of people of varying levels and we really had the team spirit by the end of the week. Aurélien and Laura's attention to all the little details meant I could really focus on riding. Daily massage, FTP test, support car, the whole lot. This is the closest most of us will ever get to a serious pro-level training camp. Will definitely be back next year! »

Sonia, Sweden

3 years ago

« My husband and I met the guys of the SCCC on the road a couple of months ago when we were in Mallorca and we thought: “that rocks, we want to be part of that”! We booked with them and it was even better than what we had imagine! The concept is appealing but the results are just amazing! Being part of this team and treated like pros was phenomenal. Can't wait to come back! »

Pierre-Yves, France

3 years ago

« As the slogan says, train and rest like a pro. Top equipment, FTP test on trainer, full carbon road bike with powermeter. We all have the same cycling kit, the same bikes, and immediately feel part of a team. And every time we go out with the team car behind, we feel like we're on a real pro team, and that's great. Not to mention the massage and the Compex every day. Like a pro! »

François, Belgium

3 years ago

« I participate in this cycling camp last April. It was really great! Mallorca is a paradise for cyclists: great climbs, perfect roads, sun... We were treated as VIP with Sa Calobra Cycling Club. Healthy delicious food, bike cleaned every day, powermeter, followed by a team car (with drinks, homemade bars and spare wheels), a Ride Captain with crazy legs, and a good atmosphere. See you soon! »

We are Sa Calobra Cycling Club

The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is much more than just a training camp, we are a group of people coming from all over the world to share their passion for cycling and to experience a real team spirit. The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is a team, your team! We will be sharing the experiences of those who know us best : our riders! Regularly, we share the experiences of those who know us best, the riders, with our webseries « We Are Sa Calobra Cycling Club ».

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