Back to Sa Calobra!

After a couple of weeks of road closure, we went back to Sa Calobra for the final stage of our last cycling camp. An epic race as always, to conclude an epic week of cycling in Mallorca!

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A coffee with Ian

“The best way to do a cycling camp” Check out the first episode of “A Coffee With”, our new webseries about those who know us best : the riders! Today, a chat with Ian, 60 years old, who talks about the Sa Calobra Cycling Club and how his cycling has improved since he first joined the team in 2021.

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See you next year!

16 March 2023Video0 comment

When 100% of the riders book their spot for next year, less than 24 hours after leaving Mallorca, it means something... See you next year ladies!

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“Sometimes you need someone to push you”

Let's give a voice to those who know us best : the riders! The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is a team, your team! Today, an interview with Sophie, who talks about her experience at the Sa Calobra Cycling Club and her best SCCC time on Sa Calobra for a female rider. When did you start cycling? Sophie Daly : I started cycling consistently at the end of December 2022 when I got a loan of my mum’s old bike. Since I was dealing with a running injury at the time, cycling seemed a good option to [...]

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“Riding with power is addictive”

14 March 2023Video0 comment

If you are looking for a camp to teach you how to switch gears or to break, let’s be honest, this is not the right place for you (yet). But if you are looking to improve, challenge yourself, experience riding with a powermeter, learn how to fuel to ride further, higher, and faster, then you are at the right place!

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