Riding Sa Calobra on the last day, full gas, it's hard, very hard! But it's also the perfect way to end up a fantastic week of cycling in Mallorca, giving everything you still have left in the tank. Well done guys!

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Caffeine Ride

Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world where speed and caffeine collide in a whirlwind of excitement - welcome to "Caffeine Ride"! Combine the thrill of full gas cycling with the aromatic allure of coffee, creating an experience like no other as we blend the best of two worlds into one unforgettable ride - "Caffeine Ride" awaits!

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“7 minutes off my PR”

With more than 500 riders welcomed in five years, and thousands of riders data collected, we know better than anyone in Mallorca how to coach you, help you to find your limits, and get the best time possible on Sa Calobra, no matter how old you are, or how fast you are.

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“Feel much more of a confident cyclist”

We often get asked, “How can you make me a faster cyclist?”. During one week, we will show you how to pace and how to train, with a powermeter, how to fuel properly to be more efficient and last longer, but also help you to build your cycling confidence.

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Full Gas

After two weeks of intense cycling, racing almost every day, fighting on every climb, the 21 fastest SCCC riders are now ready to start their season. What an incredible month it has been for all the riders and the staff. The Full Gas editions will be back in 2025!

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