Like A Pro


Like A Pro

Need to prepare for your next cycling challenge? Come to the best cycling training camp in Mallorca! Our experienced staff will take care of every detail before, during, and after the rides, so you can really focus on training. After each ride, we will analyze your power data and get through all the aspects of training with you (planification, nutrition, recovery, etc), to help you to maximize your improvements and achieve your goals.

Like A Pro

A healthy diet and training results go hand in hand. We cook every meal at the Villa, not only including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also amazing energy bars and post-ride protein snacks based on a sports nutritionist recommendations. With the right fuel in, you will surprise yourself by training harder than you ever have, but also get fit and recover faster. All the ingredients to become a faster cyclist!

Like A Pro

Aside from providing Normatec compression boots and a Compex system to facilitate your recovery, we will massage you after each ride. This real sports massage will help to reduce inflammation, eliminate toxins in muscles, and remove adhesions. Just like the pros!

Like A Pro

Stay focused on your training and just enjoy your rest time at the Villa, have a coffee and/or a snack, lay down by the pool, we take care of everything else! From cleaning bikes to washing kits, our dedicated staff will treat you like a real pro cyclist for eight days, so you can get back on the saddle every morning, rested and motivated for another blast on the bike. That’s the pro team experience!

What we offer

All the services we provide are free of charge!
No matter who you are. No matter where you come from. No matter how fast you are. We will treat you like a pro!

Daily Massage

Every day, we will massage you after the ride. That's a real sports massage and you will see, it really makes a difference! Read More

Support vehicle

Our team car will follow us on the road everyday. Whenever you have a flat or need something to drink or eat, the staff will be there!

Bike maintenance

We take very good care of our bikes. We clean, lube and maintain bikes everyday. Just focus on your recovery, your bike will be ready the next morning!

Bike hire

We all ride on the same lightweight bikes, with carbon wheels, like a team! Just bring your pedals and saddle, we will take care of the rest! Read More


Each bike is equipped with a powermeter provided by our partner Stages Cycling. How could we claim to be the best cycling camp in Europe without it?!

Bike computer

Thanks to our partner Wahoo, we also provide heart rate monitors (Tickr) and bike computers (Element Bolt). We said "like a pro", didn't we?

Coaching session

After each ride, we will analyze your power data and go through all the aspects of training to help you to maximize your improvements and achieve your goals. Read More

Cycling kits

A pair of Gobik bib shorts, a jersey, and socks are⁠ included in the price. We also supply an Abus helmet. Read More

And more

We offer so much more including accommodation, food & drinks and tourism taxes. Check the details of what's included on each camp's page.

A day at the camp

Every day is different but there is kind of a daily routine at the camp: we train, we eat, we rest but we also chat, jump in the pool, have coffees and even cakes sometimes. Just like a team!

8:00 // Breakfast

Fueling before the ride is crucial. This is the “calm before the storm”.

8:40 // Briefing

Every morning, a pre-ride briefing is organized to introduce the course of the day and assign specific goals to each rider.

9:00 // Ride

The team will be on the road for three to five hours per day, followed by a support vehicle.

14:30 // Lunch

Every cyclist knows how fueling just after the ride is important for recovery… Protein shakes and lunch will be available immediately after the ride.

17:00 // Massage

To improve recovery, daily massage and electro-stimulation sessions are provided. Just relax, we take care of everything else!
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19:00 // Dinner

Time to refuel and enjoy a enjoyable moment with all the team’s riders and staff members.

20:00 // Coaching

A full post-ride analysis, based on power data of each rider, followed by a workshop about training with a power meter, nutrition, recovery, and more.
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Our promise is simple: offer you real meals for the real athlete that you are. Do you want to see in detail what we will prepare for you? Consult our page dedicated to nutrition.

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Watch this

We’ve all seen those epic photos and videos of pro riders climbing with breathtaking mountain views. That's what you will get - free of charge - at the end of your training camp. Our team will capture all those moments for you with 4K cameras and very cinematic drone shots, edited with great soundtracks that will make all your friends jealous!


Every training camp in Mallorca claims to be the "best". But guess what? We did a comparison with price per day, services included, extra charges, etc. We'll let you be the judge…


Services included

  • Airport transfers 50 minute drive (up to 50 euros extra fee with other companies)
  • Accommodation Lodged in a luxury Villa, in the best area of Mallorca
  • Tourism taxes Up to 4€ per day per person
  • Private chef We will feed like an athlete, not a tourist!
  • Breakfast A real breakfast, 100% homemade and different everyday! Yes, we cook our breakfast too!
  • Lunch 100% homemade, tasty and healthy
  • Dinner 100% homemade, tasty and healthy
  • Drinks Half-board does not include drinks in Mallorca and water bottles are over-priced at hotels
  • guided rides Led by our Ride Captain
  • Support vehicle Our Team Car carries food, water, clothes and extra wheels
  • massages We provide sports massages after each ride (up to 50 euros extra fee per massage with other companies)
  • Compression boots
  • Compex Each rider will receive two pairs of electrodes to use with your Compex system
  • Bike hire Carbon bike and wheelset
  • Powermeter Provided by our partner Stages Cycling
  • Bike maintenance Again, we do a bit more than other companies. We clean and lube our bikes everyday!
  • FTP Test You can't improve, what you don't measure!
  • Coaching Everyday after the ride, we'll analyze your data and give you tips to become a faster cyclist.
  • Pre-camp Training Plan 14-week pre-camp training program.
  • Cycling kits Full cycling kits provided
  • Helmets Abus Airbreaker
  • Bike computer Wahoo Elemnt Bolt
  • Heart rate monitor Wahoo Tickr
  • Nutrition Homemade energy bars and drinks
  • Photos & Videos Our team will capture our rides and edit with great soundtracks that will make all your friends jealous!
  • Race radio What would professional cyclists do without race radios? Like the pros, any rider can choose to be equipped with a BB Talkin intercom to keep in contact with the team car, report a problem on “Radio Tour” and to receive valuable live advice.
  • Chamois cream Muc-Off Luxury Chamois Cream
  • Sun protection Pelotan Sun Protection SPF 30



  • Maintenance only. No cleaning.



  • Maintenance only. No cleaning.
  • Jersey only.

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  • Maintenance only. No cleaning.



  • Maintenance only. No cleaning.



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