Welcome to Morzine!

Our camp base this week will be located in Morzine, in the French Alps. Having hosted the Tour de France more than 20 times since 1975, Morzine is the ideal place for road cycling, offering an easy access to some of the most legendary climbs of the Tour de France, like Joux-Plane, Encrenaz, Joux Verte, Col de la Ramaz!

By offering you a more upscale accommodation, in a high standard chalet, in the heart of the French Alps, we would save you from having to ride extra kilometers every day to reach the climbs we all know.

For one week, we will guide you on the most beautiful roads of the region, surrounded by the mountains, tackling climbs more spectacular than the others, from Joux Plane to the Col de la Ramaz, passing by Joux Verte, l'Encrenaz or the incredible Plateau des Saix climb. With us, a 4-hour ride is four hours of breathtaking landscapes through nature, and not two hours of approach/return for only one hour to enjoy…

In terms of accommodation, the advantages of staying in a Chalet are numerous: more charm, tranquility and space, with common areas especially designed for recovery, bicycle maintenance and coaching sessions. The staff will be permanently available to meet all your expectations and meals are prepared on site and adapted to your needs, from breakfast to dinner. Real meals, for real athletes! Nothing like the tasteless buffets served in hotels to tourists on vacation…

Finally, like a true professional cyclist, you will have the chance to experience the unique atmosphere of a training camp, and will enjoy the team spirit that reigns here between all participants, riders and staff alike. An exceptional human and sporting experience usually reserved to World Tour pro riders.

Why us

The best location

It's in the heart of the French Alps, in Morzine, that we will welcome you during your stay. An ideal location to go climbing some of the most legendary climbs of the Tour de France, like Joux-Plane, Encrenaz, Joux Verte, Col de la Ramaz.

The best accommodation

More tranquility, more space and common areas equipped for recovery and coaching workshops, everything here has been designed to accommodate the team in the best conditions and allow you to fully enjoy your free time.

The best food

100% of our meals are cooked on site. With a healthy diet adapted to the athlete that you are, you will find yourself pushing your limits a little further each day and recovering even faster from your rides: the ingredients for success!

The best ambiance

The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is more than a training camp. It's a real team made up of riders from all over the world, sharing the same passion, the same desire to push their limits, and very quickly sharing the same team spirit.


This incredible high standard chalet offers the best quality of service you could expect, with comfortable beds, several bathrooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, secure bicycle storage, a Sauna and a Jacuzzi, and the possibility of washing your clothes on site.

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club

  • Sa Calobra Cycling Club


Our promise is simple: offer you real meals for the real athlete that you are. Do you want to see in detail what we will prepare for you? Consult our page dedicated to nutrition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I upgrade to single room occupancy?

For this event, we can not guarantee a single room occupation option, because the number of rooms is too limited. However, each bedroom is very spacious and has single beds (two people max per room).

I am a woman. Would I have to share my bedroom with a man?

No. We always make sure that a woman and a man don't have to share a room, except if they come as a couple, even if you have not booked a single room.

Can I come with my husband/wife who doesn't cycle?

Yes, there are options for non-riders on certain dates but we can not accommodate children. If you would like more information on this, please consult our non-riders package.

Can I wash some clothes on site?

Yes, the villa is equipped with a washing machine. The cycling kits are washed after each ride, and you can also wash personal clothes.

Are airport transfers provided?

Yes, we will pick you up at the airport (Geneva) or train station (Thonon-les-Bains) on the first day and drive you back on the last day. Free of charge!

I am vegetarian, is that a problem?

Plant based athletes are more than welcome at our training camps, we always have plenty of vegetables available. Just let us know at least two weeks prior to your arrival if you are on a specific diet.

Can I attend the activities but stay at alternative accommodation?

No. Being part of the team, on and off the bike, is something that really matters to us.

Are local tourist taxes included?

Yes, they are! Do you really think that Wout van Aert pays his tourist taxes himself when he comes training with his team? 😉

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