From 8 -to 15 February 2025 (Saturday to Saturday)
Mallorca Cycling Camp - Full Gas Edition

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Full Gas Edition

Are you a competitive cyclist, or just like to push your limits? This camp is reserved for advanced riders. It will allow you to prepare for the season in the best conditions, with more challenging routes/climbs than usual, and at a faster pace. Full gas!

8 days, 7 nights
7 - 21°C
650 - 700km
10500 - 11000m

What's included

Almost everything except the flights! If you have any questions, please send us a message.

Your stay

  1. Villa with pool
  2. 7-nights’ accommodation
  3. All inclusive basis (drinks included)
  4. Private chef
  5. Transfers from/to Palma Airport
  6. Tourism taxes

On the bike

  1. 6 team rides
  2. FTP Test (optional) The FTP Test is free but not mandatory. It just gives us a better idea of how to coach you during the camp. But if you don't want to do it, you don't have to!
  3. Support vehicle
  4. Safety briefing
  5. Daily bike maintenance
  6. Ride analysis & coaching workshops


  1. Carbon bike hire
  2. Stages powermeter
  3. Bike computer & HR monitor
  4. Gobik cycling kit
  5. Abus AirBreaker helmet
  6. Chamois cream & sun protection

And more

  1. 6 massages
  2. Compression boots & Compex system
  3. Pre-camp Training Plan
  4. Riders Roadbook
  5. Sports nutrition
  6. Photos & Videos


Depending on weather conditions, ability of the group, and level of fatigue, the following plans are subject to change. This is a bespoke training camp, so we adapt everyday, like a pro team!


Day 1

After picking you up at the airport, we will drive you to our base camp, where you will meet your new teammates, the staff, and have your first dinner as a team. A photoshoot session will follow dinner, to take pictures of all the riders with the SCCC jersey on, while bikes will be set up and adjusted to fit you as your own.

FTP Test

Day 2

After having your first 100% homemade breakfast, receiving equipment, and getting briefed about the week to come, we will head out for a 3.5-hour ride, including a 20-minute effort test on the Sa Batalla climb to measure the FTP of each rider, and be back in time for massages, workshop, etc.

Distance 92Km
elevation 1180m
Climbs Santa Llucia (cat 4), Santa Magdalena (cat 3), Sa Batalla (cat 2)

Day 3

Daily routine: breakfast, briefing, ride, lunch, recovery with compression boots and Compex, massage, workshop and dinner. It's time to live like a pro! Stay focused on your training and your recovery, we will take care of everything else, from cleaning bikes to washing kits. That’s the pro team experience!

Distance 150Km
elevation 1630m
Climbs Randa (cat 3), Sant Salvador (cat 3)
Queen Stage

Day 4

We call it the Queen Stage! This is certainly the most difficult ride we've ever done in Mallorca! We will conquer 7 climbs, so make sure to save some energy because we will tackle the only Hors-Category climb on the island, Puig Major, but also the iconic Sa Calobra with a Team effort at the end of the ride.

Distance 148Km
elevation 3201m
Climbs Orient (cat 3), Sóller (cat 3), Claret (cat 3), Puig Major (HC), Sa Calobra (cat 1)
Café ride

Day 5

After three long days on the saddle, a shorter coffee ride followed by the usual recovery process will help to eliminate toxins, so everyone can tackle the second part of the training camp with fresh legs and a boost of energy. To keep with that theme, the workshop on that day will be dedicated to nutrition and recovery.

Distance 79Km
elevation 620m
Climbs Tofla (cat 4)

Day 6

After an easy coffee “slash” recovery ride on Wednesday, it's time to attack the second part of this cycling holiday with one of our favorite rides, to the Cap de Formentor lighthouse, one of the icons of European cycling. Enjoy the views over the Mediterranean sea, this is spectaluar!

Distance 92Km
elevation 1672m
Climbs Albertcutx (cat 2), Albertcutx (cat 2), Victoria (cat 4), Puig Maria (cat 4)
KOM Challenge

Day 7

This is the place you have all heard about… Sa Calobra! To boost your motivation and push you to climb Coll dels Reis - the official name of Sa Calobra - as fast as you can, we will organize an entertaining competition within the team : a Handicap Hill Climb Time Trial on Sa Calobra! Who's going to receive the Sa Calobra KOM Challenge award this week?

Distance 83Km
elevation 1962m
Climbs Femenia (cat 2), Lluc (cat 3), Coll dels Reis (cat 4), Sa Calobra (cat 1)

Day 8

It's time to say goodbye see you soon! After collecting equipment, giving back your pedals and saddle, we will drive you to Palma airport to catch your flight. Hope you had a blast on and off the bike, made new friends, and will come back soon to the Sa Calobra Cycling Club!

We'll make you faster!

Would you like to take your cycling to the next level ? To become a faster cyclist and maximize your improvements ? The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is the only cycling camp to provide daily coaching sessions, with post ride analysis, followed by workshops covering all the aspects of training: how to build a training plan, nutrition, training & racing with a power meter, recovery, and more. You will not leave Mallorca with just kilometers under your belt and great memories, but also with the keys to achieve your goals.


We have four registration phases: the Breakaway, the Peloton, the Gruppetto and the Broom Wagon. The earlier you book, the better price you get! You can find all the details below.

Phases Registration dates Price
BreakawayUntil 08 August 20241690€
Peloton09 August - 08 October 20241770€
Gruppetto09 October - 08 December 20241850€
Broom wagonFrom 09 December 20251930€
Registration will be closed at the latest on: 26 January 2025.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the minimum level of fitness required to participate?

Participation in this camp requires an advanced level, with a minimum FTP of approximately 4w/kg (sub-36 minutes on Sa Calobra). Reserved for riders practicing competition or who like to push their limits, this camp will be more intense than those that we organize throughout the year, with more kilometers and climbing on the program. Full gas!

How many kilometers will we ride per day?

Here, we prefer to talk in hours instead. Rides last between 3 and 5 hours, with one coffee/recovery ride at the middle of the week. Do you think it’s too much for you? Don’t forget that with massages, nutrition, coaching and the fact that we take care of everything else, getting back on the bike each morning will be easier than what you have ever imagined!

How are the rides organized?

Every morning at the briefing each rider will receive personal goals for the ride to come based on his/her abilities and level of fatigue. We all take the road together, as a team. On the short (rare) flat sections, strongest riders will lead the group. On hills, each rider will climb at his/her own pace with a powermeter. The riders who reach the summit first will turn back down to catch the last riders. Nobody stays inactive at the top. It means some extra miles for the fastest riders and some support for the slowest ones in the last part of the ascents.

How do I book?

To reserve your spot, please email us at or call/text us at +33 688 699 160 (WhatsApp is ok). We will send you a registration form within one business day to complete your reservation and confirm bike hire size availability. Payment is required in two installments. A deposit of 150 euros is required at the time of booking to secure your place. The remaining balance is due 2 months prior to the event. If you are booking within 2 months of the event date, payment is required in full. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information on how to book and our cancellation policy.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

Please review our Cancellation Policy for more details.

Is the kit included in the price of the camp?

Yes, the cycling kit (bib shorts, jersey, and socks) is included for this event (worth 190 euros)!

Where is the Villa located?

We use different villas depending on availability and number of participants. They are all situated in the same area, on the best part of the island: in the Serra de Tramuntana, in Pollença, or in the area around.

What meals are included?

Three meals a day are included: breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the first day, arrival day, only dinner is included. On the last day, the departure day, only breakfast is included.

What kit or accessories should I bring?

We provide the following items to each rider : bib shorts (bib tights in winter), short sleeved jersey (long sleeves in winter), socks and helmet. However, depending on the period you come to Mallorca, we recommend for you to bring some extra warm clothes like a rain jacket, arm warmers, or some winter clothes. Black items and accessories are prefered. For more information, consult our How to Pack page.
IMPORTANT: Bike, helmet, GPS, and heart rate monitor must be returned in good conditon at the end of the week, so please make sure to take care of them!

Can I bring my own bike?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend for you to ride on our full carbon bikes. Travelling with a bike is expensive and risky, bike can be lost, damaged or delayed. And don't worry about your riding position, our mechanic will reproduce the exact same settings you are used to at home (saddle height, angle, setback, etc), thanks to our tool.

Is there a discount for bringing my own bike?

Yes. A discount of 80 euros will be applied if you come with your own bike. However, we do not assume responsibility for the safety of or damage. You will also be responsible for any spare parts that may be used during the camp if you decide to come with your own bike.

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From 8 -to 15 February 2025 (Saturday to Saturday)
Mallorca Cycling Camp - Full Gas Edition

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