“It was absolutely A1”

Let's give a voice to those who know us best : the riders! The Sa Calobra Cycling Club is a team, your team! Today, an interview with Jeanette, who talks about her experience at the Sa Calobra Cycling Club and the Festive 500 camp.

Hi Jeanette, for those who don't know you, can you introduce yourself?
Jeanette Blackburn
: I started cycling in 2015 with a leisurely cycling holiday in Cuba. It was amazing and I was hooked. Since then I have done lots of day events, progressing to long distance events and ‘stage’ tours, cycling across the Alps, Pyrenees, through Spain and Portugal and around the coast of Scotland.

How did you find us?
I was initially drawn to Sa Calobra Cycling Club in 2021 when the world opened up after COVID. Having missed out on events for the previous two years I decided to treat myself to the full pro cycle experience, and I am so glad I did. Everything was 100% professionally done and the attention to detail was second to none. I was able to cycle the iconic routes in Mallorca, learn loads about power, pacing, nutrition, fitness and loads of other cycle stuff. It was absolutely A1!

As a female rider, how was it?
I was a bit apprehensive before the camp, especially being female and going on my own – would the others be stronger than me, would I hold them up, could I keep up etc. As it was, I had nothing to worry about – yes, the guys were strong but the support and camaraderie kept everyone going and it didn’t matter that some were stronger than others. We all looked out for each other and we were all challenged in different ways.

Was it fun to spend New Year’s eve in Mallorca?
Having had such a great experience in 2021, I went back for a second camp on Boxing Day 2022 and I was lucky enough to spend New Year cycling in the Mallorcan sunshine – 20 degrees, wearing full summer, yes, summer kit! Drinking champagne at the top of Sa Calobra on New Years Day has to be the perfect way to start a new year. Thanks to Aurelien and the team!

You came to prepare for the Mallorca 312. How do you feel about the event?
This second camp was part of my training plan for my next event – the M312 in April 2023. This is a big personal challenge, having completed the course once before, but not quite making it in the completion time of 13.5 hours. Hopefully, the knowledge and motivation I am taking from the SCCC camp will get me through the next few months training and over the finish line in the right time this year. I’m following Aurelien’s advice to do 80% zone 2 training initially to get my body used to endurance riding, and focusing on intensity for 20% of the time. Watch this space!